WCONS company provides engineering system consulting.

Our job is to provide the expert and consulting service to our customers at all stages of system creation, from defining the concept to their exploitation.

This service is required by all members of a project, by producers, design organizations, distributers and integrators, as well as end-users.

We don’t substitute some of these members, instead we integrate them into the common process, improving decisions and eliminating obstacles, which appear during creation and upgrading of engineering systems.

The clients can be sure, that their systems will work efficiently and continue to satisfy their demands in the future.

What we do

Technical solution design

Project control

Unified supervision

Audit of existing systems

Independent expert project evaluation

What is an engineering system consulting?

  • Finding an optimal technical solution, used in a system.
  • Project team supervising and accomplishing the goals we set.
  • Unified supervision, meaning technical control on behalf of the customer.
  • There is a working system, but there is necessity to add new features or improve its efficiency.
  • Project evaluation of working capacity and costs.

Our mission is to provide the comprehensive implementation of project in the cooperation with other members and using our own experience.

Advantages of working with a consulting company


Consulting company is independent in choosing a solution and project execution, because it doesn’t have any obligations to a producer. The equipment selection is determined only by customer requests, from the technical point of view as well as budget.

Complex approach

During creation of complex engineering systems, it’s necessary to integrate them into unified system under control of SCADA or the similar software. In this case, there is additional requirements to specialist’s qualification, who are responsible for choosing separate components of the system as well as management platform.

Reducing the risks

There is a risk reduction concerning personnel. In this case, a customer doesn’t have to have highly qualified specialists on this systems as staff, as well as project managers. The consulting company takes full responsibility for these risks, due to its interest in long term and mutually beneficial partnership with a customer, and because it values its reputation.

Budget optimization

The consulting company has a small number of staff, and it creates the project team of well-qualified professionals only for the period of project execution, it is reason why this company has competitive advantages in terms of budget, it minimizes not only its costs, but customer’s as well.


The responsibility and loyalty of this company will be higher than, for example, those of distributor or integrator. The company is fully responsible for the proper work of the system before the customer (so called turn-key), while the others execute only separate stages, and they can always shift their miscalculations and shortcomings in the work on other members.


The qualification and skills of specialists are proved by the producer’s certificates, and all technical solutions have to pass audit if needed, and the producer approves their optimality and relevance. During the design process and implementation of the system, all modern tendencies and technology will be included into it.

More info about projects

How does it work?

defining of main goals of the project

Optimal technical solution

The main competence

in a project management

Audit of engineering systems

Unified control

functions of technical supervision

The list of tasks

executing by our company

Kinds of engineering systems

and applied equipment

Project inspection

Company Blog

Documents, articles, discussions, news and design in the area of modern engineering systems

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